Rail Fatigue Management App

Introducing the Rail-Time System

Endorsed by National Rail, Rail-Time is a new app & web-based time management solution for the rail industry.


An Easy Way to Manage Risk and Fatigue when working in Rail

The Dashboard

With the Dashboard you get an immediate ‘at a glance’ status of your company compliance.

  • See your company’s overall Fatigue and Risk scores
  • The Dashboard gives an immediate overview of company performance
  • Run a range of reports from the Dashboard

Total hours worked in a given period Total hours travelled in a given period The overall Fatigue and Risk Rating for the business Number of exceedances.

Fatigue and Risk Score

The planning of your working hours is key to compliance of the industry standards. Every planned shift input into Rail-Time will give immediate indication of fatigue and risk index compliance assuring you that every shift planned meets with industry standards.

The system will review the previous 7-days shift patterns against the new planned shift and return a Risk Index score. Colour coding will indicate compliance.Fatigue scores are calculated by monitoring the previous 7-days working patterns and returning a score that within the defined range of compliance.

Colour coding of the Score indicates compliance / non-compliance.

Monitor in ‘real time’, hours being worked

Monitor in real time through ‘Rail-Time’ the hours being worked.

Monitor in real time when workers sign in & out of sites.

Know when they have left their place of rest, arrived at site, and when they have made it safely home.

Plan working patterns and allocate projects

Plan your staff working patterns and allocate them to defined projects.

Plan and roster your staff working patterns, and verify they are compliant in advance of the work.

The system will warn if a plan is not compliant with industry standards.

Every shift planned is given a colour coded Fatigue Risk rating allowing compliant planning.

Calculate a workers travel time based on their start and end locations.

Allocate staff toprojects

The unique way the system works allows you to allocate staff to projects.

Report on the hours travelled and hours worked for each project delivered.

Providing an excellent commercial reporting tool.

Commercial Reporting

The integral reporting within Rail-Time allows a range of business-critical reports to be run providing your business with cumulative time records for all projects and staff.

Reports can be run on the following:

  • Total number of shifts hours worked against each project
  • Total number of shifts and hours worked per year
  • Number of shifts & resources allocated to a project
  • The total travel time and mileage against each project

Get an at-a-glance view of the number of hours being worked in a given week, and Monitor and review an Exceedance as it occurs.

Manage and Authorise Exceedances

The management of excrescences is critical to ensuring compliance to industry standards.With Rail-Time managing this process is made simple and easy. Where an excrescences occurs in line with the industry standard allocated supervisors are immediately notified via the App. A fully compliant risk assessment is then undertaken to either justify and approve the worker exceed or reject it. All excrescences are recorded and stored for audit traceability.


  • Complete traceability and audit trail of excrescences
  • Appoint Supervisors and Managers to authorize / reject excrescences
  • Any exceed to travel or working hours is automatically detected
  • Authorized Line
  • Managers are notified when an exceed occurs and can either approve or reject through the App

The Web Portal

  • Simple, easy to navigate layout
  • Adding users and creating projects is simple and straightforward from the Dashboard
  • Allocate staff to projects using the calendar feature

Web Portal - Monitor in Real-Time

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